Sunday, April 06, 2008

International Marconi Day 2008

The Maritime Radio Historical Society (MRHS) is pleased to announce that its amateur station K6KPH will be participating in International Marconi Day 2008.

International Marconi Day (IMD), sponsored by the Cornish Amateur Radio Club, is a 24-hour amateur radio event held annually to celebrate the birth of Guglielmo Marconi on the 25th April 1874.

IMD is usually held on the Saturday closest to Marconi's birthday, when amateur radio stations are operated from original historic sites around the world.
Stations may apply to the Cornish Amateur Radio Club for awards for contacting these stations.

With transmitters at the site established in Bolinas, CA by the American Marconi Company in 1913, K6KPH has a direct connection to the great inventor.

K6KPH will begin IMD operations at 5:00pm pdt (0000gmt) on Saturday, 26 April. Transmitting frequencies will be 3550.0, 7050.0 and 14050.0kc. All transmissions will of course be in Morse code.

The public is invited to visit K6KPH to observe the station in action. Qualified Morse operators wishing to operate K6KPH are invited to bring their keys and headphones. No amateur license is required.

Those intending to visit should reply to this message for detailed information and directions.

For more information about International Marconi Day see the Cornish Radio Club's Web page at:

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