Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy 4th of July

As a former Air Force soldier, I just would like to take a minute on this holiday to recognize all of the brave soldiers that we have, Air Force, Army, Navy, and Marines that stand up for us each day and protect our freedoms.

From the Revolutionary War to Present day Iraq, Americans have been able to depend on our soldiers to protect our freedoms for which was fought for.

The brave women and men of our armed forces need our support and our gratitude as they continue to carry on their missions.

Not only do they deserve and need our support while they are in the service, they deserve and need our support after they leave the service and return to civilian life.

Today, if you see a soldier, stand up and thank him/her for their service to their country.

May God bless you all and enjoy your 4th of July.

73, Jack K4SAC

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